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Protect your valuables by opting for an exceptional safe from Seacoast Lock & Safe. Discuss your requirements with us and we'll find the right safe for you! Expect us to offer sales and delivery for different brands of safes. 

We have burglar-resistant safes from Burg Watcher, fire-resistant safes from AMSEC, and depository safes from New England and Gardall.

Learn How To Properly Open A Dial Safe:

  • Most combinations are 3 numbers, but if there is a 4th one, it’s a drop-in number that will always stay the same, even if the combination is changed.
  • When dialing the 1st number, always go at least 4 turns to the left (counter-clockwise) passing all the numbers at least 4 times and then stop on the 1st number.
  • Once you have stopped on the 1st number, turn the dial to the right (clockwise) passing the 2nd number twice, then stopping the 3rd time around. 
  • Once you have stopped on the 2nd number, turn the dial to the left (counter clockwise) passing the 3rd number once, then stopping when you come back around. 
  • Once you have stopped on the 3rd number, turn the dial to the right until it stops. If it works, you have dialed your combination correctly.

If the dial didn’t come to a stop, there are a few things that could have gone wrong:

  • You didn’t line your number up directly under the center slash on the dial ring.
  • You passed one of the numbers and attempted to dial backwards to hit it (you can’t go back at all).
  • You went too many revolutions when dialing your combination. Be careful when counting turns.
  • Someone changed the combination to the safe. This is rarely the reason for not opening, as you will know who has the combination.
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